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Vivian Romero has a proven track record

Right now, it’s critical we take defensive action against attacks on immigrant communities, create affordable housing, ensure Californians have access to Affordable Health Care and protect our basic civil rights. I will continue to advocate and support policies that deliver Environmental Justice for disadvantaged communities. We need all Californians to thrive, and must continue working to ensure that race, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity are never barriers to opportunity.

Romero's track record is clear:


Romero is a dedicated leader advocating for the will of the people not those of special interests. A public servant with courage, passion, determination and integrity. We need a leader who will keep fighting to protect our families by...

  • Taking illegal weapons off our streets and out of our schools
  • Protecting access to Affordable Health Care
  • Defending our Dreamers (DACA)
  • Demanding Bail Reform, so a person gets out of jail based on their public safety risk, not income
  • Securing student loan debt relief owed by our college students
  • Tackling racial profiling
  • Addressing homelessness, public safety and mental health by actively stabilizing people through shelter, permanent housing and implementing assistance
  • Working towards Environmental Justice, so that low-income families don't bear the brunt of pollution
  • Supports a Woman's right to choose and will be on the front lines of guarding against any rolling back of protects from our current Administration
  • Romero's appointed by LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis to high level Regional Boards such as Southern California Rail Authority & Metro Transportation Service Council because she knows Romero has a strong work ethic and the ability to get things done


Under Romero's Leadership

  • Keeping Taxpayer Dollars in our Community: Romero teamed up with the City Administration and City Attorney's Office to advocate on behalf of local interests, resulting in reduction of the City's payment obligations to the State by over 90% from $19.3 million, to $1.8 million.
  • Making Your Daily Commute Easier: 300,000 daily commuters will benefit from her 5-year fight to rehabilitate the cracked failed pavement along the SR-60 freeway between the 605 and 710
  • Fighting Crime in our Neighborhoods: When gang members terrorized a neighborhood with burglaries over the course of a year, Romero mobilized over 300 residents to take back their community, leading to the successful capture of the criminals. 
  • Standing up for our Veterans: Romero spearheaded and led the design overhaul of the Veterans Memorial on Whittier Boulevard and secured funding to repair the termite infested flooring of an American Legion and provide renovations to a homelessness and Veterans Resource Center.
  • Ensuring Public Health and Well-being: When a West Nile mosquito infestation in close proximity to homes along the State Route was exposing residents to harmful viruses, Romero took immediate action and worked with the County and State to redesign the drain canal and mitigate the problem.
  • Building Affordable Housing with Habitat for Humanity:  Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA), along with the City of Montebello and Partnership Housing, celebrated the completion of four new, affordable homes.